Lets check it




I am so glad to be part of The Ritz Carlton Bali to get a internship program here. And get a warm welcome as the style of the Ritz Carlton, i hope i can grow up here and get more experiance i never see before.#Rcmemories


Today 13 December 2016 is my birthday now i am 19 years old. I wish i could be a perfect daughter to my parents. I hope i can make my parents proud of me.

Nothing special for today, but music can changes my mood, although i am still lonely but let it flow. #birthdayme #19 #THXGOD


She is Luna my new friend from China. She come to Bali to joined with Gapper Bali. And i met her at Kindergarten me as her asisstance to teaching the students. Today is last day she is teaching at Kindergarten. So she gave me a auspicious bracelet, how happy i am to got it. I am very thanksful with her. I hope we can meet again with other chance. And how lucky i am to got it and when i met her 😌. She is my Sister and she always makes me laughing everyday, Wish you have a good time in Bali and wish you happy everyday Luna. I hope i will come to China one day and meet my all friends in China. God bless us #TGIF

New day

Riding bicycle it’s look like riding a new day a. Sometimes i am bored i am faded about my life but it’s a life, we have happy day and also bad day sometimes.

Sometimes i have a bad day and a lot of pain a lot of fear, someone always make my feel so annoyed.

But i always solve that problem with listening a song, and be positive, new day, meet new people will be good for me soon.


It was 1st of November, i went to The Ritz Carlton Bali, Sawangan,Nusa Dua for interview. Because i am going to internship program on December. So i just want to share about how my feel when i am succesful about my interview.

I was so worried how can be a succesful when i was interviewed with Head Department. Before i go to Hotel for interview, i should prepare my knowledge about the Hotel and also knowledge about Front Office, because my major is Front Office Department and i study at Elizabeth International School Gianyar, Bali.

And when i still searching about the Hotel information i was found a website of the Hotel. It was:  http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/indonesia/bali/hotel-overview/directions

You may check of the Hotel, it was so beautiful Hotel i ever find. And i am so happy because i am succesfully  through interview in this Hotel and i will start my internship program there on 21 December 2016 until 20 June 2017.

This is my new experiance because i should leave my parents in Ubud and i am going to Nusa Dua Bali for internship program at The Ritz Carlton Bali, Nusa Dua on December. And i should rent a small house.

How happy i am  when they were accepted me and my friend to internship there, now i have a mission  “yearing to be good receptonist” and now my vision is “PERSONALITY”




Sense of responsibility

Orderly Mind






and Yearing to be a good receptionist

I  found this writing in my book for Front Office Major. This is make me rise up again and i more confident and i believe  i can do it. Now in the 5 year i want to be a Leader or Front Office Manager. And i can’t forget to be succesfully for my parents and make them proud of me in the near future.

“So never stop to DREAMING”


A Little Braver

I have learned this song , it was so beautiful song i ever heard. I really like this song and also the Korean Drama “Uncontrollably Fond” .  It such a good drama and i really like Woo Bin and Suzy be a couple here in the Drama.