I am so glad to be part of The Ritz Carlton Bali to get a internship program here. And get a warm welcome as the style of the Ritz Carlton, i hope i can grow up here and get more experiance i never see before.#Rcmemories


Today 13 December 2016 is my birthday now i am 19 years old. I wish i could be a perfect daughter to my parents. I hope i can make my parents proud of me.

Nothing special for today, but music can changes my mood, although i am still lonely but let it flow. #birthdayme #19 #THXGOD


She is Luna my new friend from China. She come to Bali to joined with Gapper Bali. And i met her at Kindergarten me as her asisstance to teaching the students. Today is last day she is teaching at Kindergarten. So she gave me a auspicious bracelet, how happy i am to got it. I am very thanksful with her. I hope we can meet again with other chance. And how lucky i am to got it and when i met her 😌. She is my Sister and she always makes me laughing everyday, Wish you have a good time in Bali and wish you happy everyday Luna. I hope i will come to China one day and meet my all friends in China. God bless us #TGIF

New day

Riding bicycle it’s look like riding a new day a. Sometimes i am bored i am faded about my life but it’s a life, we have happy day and also bad day sometimes.

Sometimes i have a bad day and a lot of pain a lot of fear, someone always make my feel so annoyed.

But i always solve that problem with listening a song, and be positive, new day, meet new people will be good for me soon.


It was 1st of November, i went to The Ritz Carlton Bali, Sawangan,Nusa Dua for interview. Because i am going to internship program on December. So i just want to share about how my feel when i am succesful about my interview.

I was so worried how can be a succesful when i was interviewed with Head Department. Before i go to Hotel for interview, i should prepare my knowledge about the Hotel and also knowledge about Front Office, because my major is Front Office Department and i study at Elizabeth International School Gianyar, Bali.

And when i still searching about the Hotel information i was found a website of the Hotel. It was:  http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/indonesia/bali/hotel-overview/directions

You may check of the Hotel, it was so beautiful Hotel i ever find. And i am so happy because i am succesfully  through interview in this Hotel and i will start my internship program there on 21 December 2016 until 20 June 2017.

This is my new experiance because i should leave my parents in Ubud and i am going to Nusa Dua Bali for internship program at The Ritz Carlton Bali, Nusa Dua on December. And i should rent a small house.

How happy i am  when they were accepted me and my friend to internship there, now i have a mission  “yearing to be good receptonist” and now my vision is “PERSONALITY”




Sense of responsibility

Orderly Mind






and Yearing to be a good receptionist

I  found this writing in my book for Front Office Major. This is make me rise up again and i more confident and i believe  i can do it. Now in the 5 year i want to be a Leader or Front Office Manager. And i can’t forget to be succesfully for my parents and make them proud of me in the near future.

“So never stop to DREAMING”


A Little Braver

I have learned this song , it was so beautiful song i ever heard. I really like this song and also the Korean Drama “Uncontrollably Fond” .  It such a good drama and i really like Woo Bin and Suzy be a couple here in the Drama.


“Once in a while an escape to a foreign place is all you need”.

Here you can find a beautiful cliff. It was at Melasti Beach, Ungasan, Kuta Selatan, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. This is a different place i ever visit,in this place was so quite and i was so happy there, i can refresh my mind and i can hear the sound of the bird singing.

Although the waves near of the cliff are not for surfer, but it’s still nice to hear the sound of it, so calming. If you like to fish, you can also go fishing there.

I really like  photoshoot and explore a beautiful places like beach, or something unique. I hope i can explore more places in Bali soon. I am proud to be Balinese people and was born in Bali.

“Fate will bring us together no matter how far we are”.

They are all my friends from China, i am so happy when i spend the time with them. We still comunication on Wechat, i hope that they are still remember me in Bali. One of them is my Friends and also look like my Sister. She always understand about me, we always support each other about our study, and they always give me spirit and make me rise up.

And one important for me is they always teached me Chinese Lagguage when they are still busy with their study 😊. And they are never say no when i need their help to translite Chinese to English. How lucky i am had a lot of friends from the other Country. They are always said “come to China one day and contact me if you in China” so happy i am heared that, i hope that i can go there one day and meet them one by one. 



Best Moment

It was 3 or 4 months ago, they are students from Sd 2 Gianyar (primary school). And me as the volunteer to translite English to Indonesian, and i have joind with Gapper Bali (BKVLC Bali Kemenuh Learning Centre). And the Boys wear glasses is my Brother from China, they are teached the students about Chinese language, they are so excaited to teached all the students, they are always made the students happy and also they are teached the students Chinese song.

I was very lucky to meet new friends from other Country. And i also learn about Chinese, when they teached the students how to speak in Chinese i always take a note what they said. Example: hello “ni  hao” , how are you? “ni hao ma?. And also they teached them how to speak or how to read it in Chinese language and me automatically following what they said. I know how to speak in  Chinese is so difficult, but it was so fun.

The first time i joind with Gapper Bali i really really nervouse about my English. But now i never regret it, i am very lucky to joind with Gapper Bali because make me confidence to speak English. And now i have a lot of friends from China, and we comunication in Wechat. I have a learn more about Chinese and i can speak Chinese a little.

So now “kill your fear to make a something different and you will get a good experiance”.